Designer and Founder

Marco Dal Maso learnt the art of jewelry making from his father at an early age. His passions and inspirations amplified throughout the years, so much so that in 2011 he launched his eponymous brand, MARCO DAL MASO.

Now, MARCO DAL MASO is sold in some of the world's most luxurious stores and is worn by leaders of fashion and style.

Italian Heritage

The designers Italian heritage has played a key role in the design executions and inspirations. MARCO DAL MASO jewelry is handmade with precision by skilled Italian artisans and the quality level is second to none.

The meticulous detail and craftsmanship behind each piece is put to the test before leaving where it was made, in the heart of Italy's jewelry district - Vicenza.

Only the finest materials are selected to make each piece as well as ensuring each stage of sourcing and production is conflict free.

Timeless Keepsakes

After travelling the world, Marco Dal Maso was inspired to start a jewelry line based on the different cultures he immersed himself within and set about creating timeless keepsakes that were representative of some of his experiences.

The designers aim was to create items that highlight the uniqueness of an individual, especially as he had come to witness so much beauty and uniqueness around the world.

Dal Maso makes all his pieces by hand in Italy, using silver, gold and precious stones to create jewelry that's innovative in design yet wearable for any occasion.


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