Ara Power Maze Ring
Ara Power Maze Ring

Ara Power Maze Ring


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Ara Ring 18kt Yellow Gold and Oxidized Silver
Champagne Diamonds ct 0.19
18kt Gold & 925 Silver
Handmade in Italy



This collection represents evolution and growth. Each ARA jewel has been designed with soft yet strong fluid lines, which reflect the connection between our abundant pasts and unrevealed futures.

Unlike gold plating, vermeil is a gold finish material that is composed of a thick layer of gold over solid sterling silver. Instead in gold plating, any metal can be used as the base, and the gold layer can be of varying levels of purity. Industry standards dictate that for high-quality pieces the gold portion must be 14 karats or above for a piece to be considered vermeil. MARCO DAL MASO is proud to be going above that standard and uses 18 karat on all its vermeil items. 

The thickness of the gold portion is what really sets vermeil jewelry apart from gold plated pieces. The thickness of the gold portion must be at least 2.5 microns which we are also proud to do as the minimum for all MARCO DAL MASO jewels.