Join our recycling revolution

At MARCO DAL MASO , we're commited to sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint. Our Recycling Care Programme allows you to contribute to this mission while enjoying exclusive benefits.

Know the facts

  • Conserves Natural Resources:

Recycling gold and silver reduces the need for mining, which can have significant environmental impacts such as deforestation, habitat destruction, and water pollution.

  • Reduces Energy Consumption:

Recycling precious metals requires much less energy than extracting them from the earth. This helps lower greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

  • Minimizes Waste:

By recycling old jewelery, we prevent valuable materials from ending up in landfills, where they would contribute to pollution and take up valuable space.

How it works

  • Begin the journey:

Take the first step by filling out the form below. Let us know that you'd like to recycle your jewelry pieces and within 2 working days, we'll send you detailed instructions for shipping, free of charge from the USA.

  • Ship your pieces:

Drop off your package at your nearest post office and hold on to your tracking number.

  • Transformative Recycling:

Your old pieces will be expertly recycled into new silver and gold, ready to be reused.

  • Loyalty Rewarded:

As a token of our gratitude, enjoy $50 off your next MARCO DAL MASO purchase.

Fill in your details below to start your jewelry recycling journey. We'll email you shippinf instructions to ensure your old silver and gold find new life in our sustainable approach to luxury.


Terms & Conditions

Free Shipping:
Shipping from the USA is complimentary.
Shipping costs for locations outside the USA are determined by the shipping destination.

$50 Discount:
Enjoy a $50 discount on your next MARCO DAL MASO purchase as a token of appreciation for your commitment to sustanibility. This discount is valid for a single use only and cannot be cmobined with other offers or applied to sale items.